Ramon Lanau provides advising on all the taxes that make up the Spanish tax system: Corporation Tax (both for individual companies and for groups taxed under the tax consolidation regime), Personal Income Tax, Non-Residents’ Income Tax, VAT, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax and local taxes. One of the essential tasks of the firms is advising and planning the fiscal year-end of companies and the analysis and advising of transfer pricing on operations with related entities.

Ramon Lanau advises and represents its clients in any proceedings deriving from tax inspections both by the Inspectorate and tax management bodies.

Ramon Lanau advises and represents its clients in any procedure to be carried out before the Tax Authorities: demands for information, deferral of tax debts, special depreciation plans, etc.

Ramon Lanau advises its clients in Court proceedings, preparing appeals and claims both in the Economic-Administrative Courts and in the High Courts of Justice, National High Court and Supreme Court.

Ramon Lanau advises its clients in relation to their investments abroad and in relation to investments made in Spain by non-residents.

The advising includes economic and tax aspects; the analysis and determination of the most appropriate legal structure; compliance with exchange control and foreign investment control requisites; and advising in relation to correctly documenting transfer pricing within the group or with related entities.

Ramon Lanau advises its clients on business group restructuring operations.

The advising includes organization, mercantile and tax aspects.

From the mercantile standpoint, the simplest and most economic option is analysed, and the merger/spin-off projects are drawn up, as well as the corresponding public deeds, and all formal steps involving the tax authorities and the Mercantile Registry are handled.

From the tax standpoint, the best option for deferring the payment of taxes is planned from among those established by our legislation.

Ramon Lanau advises clients in order to make the most suitable decisions from a business and tax perspective in the processes of buying and selling companies.

The advising includes drawing up contracts and the tax and financial optimization of the operation.

At the client’s request, Ramon Lanau may also undertake negotiations on the client’s behalf during the purchase or sale process.

Ramon Lanau advises clients on the organization of management of family businesses and on family business succession planning.

The advising includes preparing shareholders’ agreements, preparing the family protocol and modifying the Articles of Association of the companies that make up the family group.

Clients are also advised on drawing up the terms of their will, and at the client’s request the firm participates in executing them.

Ramon Lanau advises clients on the choice of the most suitable corporate form for carrying on their economic activity, and in drawing up the Articles of Association, regime for the transfer of shares, and shareholders’ agreements.

Clients are also advised in cases of conflicts between shareholders, and if the client so requests the firm can undertake to represent them in seeking an amicable resolution of the conflict.